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Support our Community Fund

For the past 10 years, the Woodburn Aquatic Center has had insufficient funds to invest in needed equipment, programs, customer service, and facility upgrades.

Since we began turning things around, many of you have asked, “How can I help?” We established this Community Pool Fund to show you how. Below, you will see many opportunities to invest in our success. If you can help with any of these needs, please contact pool management at (503) 981-7946.

You can also help by continuing to be a pool guest and spreading the word to your friends about exciting changes at the Woodburn Aquatic Center. Thank you in advance for your past, present, and future help. Together, we can accomplish what we cannot do alone.

Pool toys – $25Pool fitness equipment – $50Swim lessons to help a child in need – $80Pool pass for someone in need – $200

Upgrade and improve water exercise equipment – $250

Swim Equipment – $350

New size run of swim fins – $900

Audio Equipment for fitness center – $1000

Mechanical improvements – $2500

New water feature – Special Gift

New add-on structure for increased activities – $150,000

swim-woodburn-swingingPartnership Program

We are inviting businesses, organizations, non-profits, and groups to join our Pool and Recreation Partnership Program. The program is designed so partners can meet the goals of their organization which might include health, fitness, recreation, and support for their employees and/or customers.

– We Will Thrive Together! –

The future programs and quality of department facilities depend on the size and strength of our Partnership Program. Partners of all size and scope are welcome.

Contact the Aquatic Center office for more information about the Partnership Program at (503) 980-2418 or see Guest Services at the Aquatic Center.

Pool Partnership Program Opportunities

* Reserve the pool for your organization on a regular basis before or after pool hours.

* Schedule a regular time for your organization to use the pool on a daily or weekly basis.

* Support the pool by donating money, time, or services.

swim-woodburn-googles-kid-smilingHelp a Kid

Every kid should benefit from public recreation. Unfortunately, sometimes families cannot financially support extra-curricular activities. Can you help to provide a recreational experience that can benefit a child for life? Your sponsorship dollars will directly allow a child to participate in any recreational opportunity that we offer.

Open your arms… the benefits are endless! Call (503) 980-2418 to Help-a-Kid or fill out the below form and we’ll contact you!




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