Woodburn Aquatic Center

Registration is done through our activity software.

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Class days, times and descriptions are located on our registration page.
Each lesson is 30 minutes in length.

Refunds or transfers must be made at least 3 days in advance.  Requests for changes or refunds for classes starting on a Monday must be made by Friday.  Requests for changes or refunds for classes starting on a Saturday must be made by Wednesday.  This allows us time to potentially fill the spot with a new registrant or adjust instructor schedules.

Group Sessions

Monday through Friday – 10 Lesson Classes ($40 for members, $45 for non-members)

Session 1: January 8 – January 19
Session 2: January 22 – February 2
Session 3: February 5 – February 16
Session 4: February 19 – March 2
Session 5: March 5 – March 16
Session 6: March 26 – March 30
Session 7: April 2 – April 13
Session 8: April 16 – April 27
Session 9: April 30 – May 11
Session 10: May 14 – May 25
Session 11: May 28 – June 8
Saturday – Five Lesson Classes ($22.50 for non-members/$20 for members)
Session 1: January 6 – February 3
Session 2: February 10 – March 10
Session 3: March 17 – April 14
Session 4: April 21 – May 19
Session 5: May 26 – June 23

Classes are subject to change. Credit is not available for participant absences.

Private Lessons

Semi-Private Session (2 or 3 students):
$70 per student for members.
$80 per student for non-members.
Private Session (1 student):
$140 per student for members.
$160 per student for non-members.

Scheduling for semi-private and private lessons is very flexible and dependent upon customer preference and staff availability. Call 503-980-2418 to schedule a semi-private or private lesson.

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