Woodburn Aquatic Center

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The Aquatic Center is closed until further notice due to COVID-19. 


Update on the Woodburn Aquatic Center Closure

Recently, we have been hearing more from residents who are wondering when the Woodburn Aquatic Center will re-open. Unfortunately, due to the broad range of restrictions and capacity limitations set on indoor aquatic facilities by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), as well as the City of Woodburn’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its residents and employees, we have decided that the Woodburn Aquatic Center will remain closed until further notice.

A major concern is our ability to ensure staff and guest safety. Prior to opening our doors to the public, a significant amount of close contact, in-person staff training must take place in order to maintain our employees’ required lifeguard certifications. At present, there are no face coverings that are safe for lifeguards to wear while performing necessary in-water rescue training. Conducting these trainings would place our employees in an unacceptably high risk situation.

We also carefully evaluated the financial impact of reopening. Given the significant capacity limitations imposed by the OHA, the cost of operating the facility would far exceed the revenue generated by user fees. The burden of covering those additional costs would fall to the City’s general fund, which is primarily funded by property taxes. With these limited revenues already supporting programs such as the police department, parks, and the Library, reopening the Aquatic Center would negatively impact the City’s ability to sufficiently fund those important services.

We understand that everyone is eager to get back in the water soon, but we are committed to doing so in a manner that is safe for our staff, safe for our community, while ensuring that we are good stewards of the Woodburn tax payers’ dollars. Let’s all keep doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart, wearing our face masks, and washing our hands. We hope to see everyone again soon. Stay safe!

-Monthly membership billing is suspended and 58% credit added to accounts for the remainder of March when the facility was closed.
-20-Punch passes and 3-Month memberships will be extended for the full duration of the closure.


Updated: 10/29/2020