Woodburn Aquatic Center

Q: What can I wear to swim at the Aquatic Center?

A: We encourage all guests to come prepared to swim in a bathing suit; however, we do also allow shorts, t-shirts and tank tops over a bathing suit or in place of.

Q: Do you have goggles and/or food for sale?

A: We do! We have goggles, swim caps, swimsuits, swim diapers and more for sale. We also have concession items, drinks and ice cream for sale.

Q: Do you have life jackets for swimmers to use?

A: We do have lifejackets available for guests as well as toys, kickboards, noodles, and other various swimming equipment to help you enjoy your swim!

Q: Do you have towels for guests?

A: We do have towels available to purchase for just $3.00 each at the front desk.

Q: When is open swim?

A: Open swim is all day long! Monday through Friday 5:30am to 8pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm and Sunday 12-5pm.

Q: Can I rent a locker?

A: Lockers are free for anyone to use; just bring your own lock and you’re good
to go! If you forgot to bring a lock, we do have locks for sale at the front desk. We also rent locks for $1 a day.

For more information or to answer questions not listed above, please call the front desk at 503-982-5288.

Q: What age can a child use the facility without parent supervision?

A: We ask that parents supervise all children that are less than 48” and keep them within arm’s reach. Children must be 14 or older to use the sauna, spa or weight room.